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2002 February Newsletter

February 20, 2002
Finally able to update with some patterns.  I thought I had more, but these three will do for now. 
I've been making a sweater from a pattern that uses front post double crochet and back post double crochet.  Using both of those takes a lot of time and a little bit of skill.  So I decided a good first start for anyone who hasn't used those stitches make something small.  I have a FRONT POST DOUBLE CROCHET DISHCLOTH.  I think the front post is easier then the back post.
I also have a LACY HEART SQUARE.  This is a very romantic square with four hearts. 
I also have a MINI BASKET.  This basket is easy and quick to do.  You might find several ocassions that this would work with.  Anything that you want to give that's small might fit in this basket.  I used Speed-Cro Sheen and it's a stiff cotton thread (thick) and so I didn't need any fabric stiffiner.  It uses the basic granny square idea, so anyone who can make a granny square can make this.
Enjoy these patterns!


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