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2001 November

November 21, 2001
First, I've added a photo of a small Christmas tree we have in our offices that I decorated with the crochet items on my Christmas pattern page (well some of the items), so take a look at that.
I've added a SNOWFLAKE pattern, and called it just that, as I used three different types of yarn/thread and they all turned out nicely.  The link to it is also on the Christmas pattern page.
In my Household pattern page:
I've added 2 dishcloths.  I like making these for gifts.  The first SIMPLE DISHCLOTH IN DOUBLE CROCHET is super easy and fast.  The second is a GRANNY SQUARE DISHCLOTH. 
I've added a simple COTTON CLOTH if you have any needs for a cotton cloth, very easy for the beginning crocheter, it's done in single crochet only.
I also have a GREEN POTHOLDER.  The photo is one of my worst.  If I remember I'll take another one.  I used hunter green and two strands of yarn.  The patterns fairly simple, but will take a little concentration (at least it did for me, and it's just repeating the same row over and over).  But doable for beginners.
I've also added some more to my tips page.
Enjoy your holidays!
November 19, 2001
I have added several Christmas items.  There are 3 CANDY CANE COVERS IN YARN.  The first one is sort of hard, as you crochet around the candy cane itself.  The #3 one is the easiest, fastet and uses the least amount of yarn.  All look so nice on candy canes.
I've added 4 ORNAMENT COVERS IN YARN.  There is one with a tassel (#3) and all are easy.
I've also added a BEADS & YARN GARLAND.  This uses the cheap garland that's prestrung with beads and crocheted over it.  The beads show through a little.  The cheap garland (I spent under $2 for 18 feet of garland) looks much better with the yarn.
Any of these would look great in the verigated Christmas yarn or the Christmas yarn with the silver or gold thread running through it.
I've also changed the Christmas page.  The links are on the far left and sort of small.  The top one lists the last one that I added.  I changed to this because it takes too much time to add the links and alphabetize them.  I can change it back if too many people find it too hard to look through.  Let me know.

November 14, 2001
I was sick for about a week and a half, feel much better now, but have had very little energy for crocheting.  So I worked on my TIPS, TRICKS AND TECHNIQUES page.  I have a new one and it is so much easier to navigate and has several tips.  So please feel free to visit that page this week. The link is located on the home page and it's below the CROCHET PATTERNS link on the right side of the screen.
I have more ideas and will start on them as soon as I can.

November 8, 2001
I've added several Christmas patterns.  I made five BABY YARN SNOWFLAKES which are so nice (even though the picture doesn't show it).  I used that Jamie baby yarn with the silver thread running through it.  The first four are large ones but keep their shape because of the silver thread.  I'm going to make more out of this yarn as they turn out very nice looking.  I also added a 5" SQUARE.  I made it out of green, white and red, so it's in my Christmas patterns and square and strips pattern pages.  I also added a very small Christmas tree pin/fridgie.  Very easy and quick to do.  There are also 2 more garlands to decorate with at Christmas.
November 2, 2001
I have several patterns that work in two categories in my web site, so I have them in both places.  This will help you find patterns in a particular cateory.  I have changed them slightly to fit on the appropriate page.
One is a MILE A MINUTE STRIP.  I've changed the Square pattern pages to be Squares and Strips, for those who like the mile a minute patterns.  The pattern I added is done in red, white and blue, so it's also on my American Patterns page.
I have a FLAT YARN ANGEL that I added a red, white and blue bow to (made out of yarn) that works on the American Patterns page and without it works on the Christmas pattern page.
I have a WREATH that has loops in the last round and with red, white and blue yarn is on the American Patterns page, without it it is on the Christmas pattern page.
I've added a PUFF STITCH CHOKER but no photo.  I couldn't find the's a gift, too.  But not until Christmas, so I have time, could even remake it if I have to.
I have two snowmen or snowwomen.  SMALL SNOWMAN is real simple and one piece.  If you're new to crocheting, this would be the first one to do.  LARGE SNOWMAN is a little bit more complicated, but can be done. 
That's all for now.
I am also willing to set up a list of people who wish to be e-mailed when my site is updated, see the home page below my banner for more information.


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