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2002 January Newsletter

January 29, 2002
I've added several new patterns.  This took some time as I had to add them to several different pages!
I have a BRIDES LUCKY PENNY.  This is under the Wedding Collection page.  It's done in worsted weight yarn, so very easy.  Several could be made for the wedding part or as favors (penny's are so easy to collect anyway).
There's a very simple V-STITCH BOOKMARK in the Miscellaneous section which would work for wedding favors, or just as a little gift for someone (perhaps a "just because" gift).  I made it with Speed Cro-Sheen Cotton thread, a thicker type cotton thread that works with a size F hook.  Any type of thread would work, even a thinner yarn.
I have a new baby afghan, BRENDAS BABY AFGHAN, in the Afghan section.  I've made several of these.  They're very easy and with a larger size hook (K) they work up quickly and the stitches are larger and loser, therefore softer.  I usually make these for newborns, as I use one 8 oz skien of yarn.  If I use a color yarn I'll add a white boarder (I always have white yarn leftover from some project).
I've added a POTHOLDER in the American Patterns section because I made it out of red and white and blue and white.  It uses two strands of yarn held together throughout.  Very easy.
I also have a DOG TOY in the Animal Patterns section.  I've always wanted to make some and finally bought some cotton twine (which can be purchased at any store).  The photo is pretty bad, but I couldn't get a better one.  And I want my dogs to play with it, and they'll probably tear it up before I can get another one, but I'll try again.

January 18, 2002
New patterns.  I have a gorgeous heart doily.  I'm not very hunble about this because it is so nice!  I bought some red Lustersheen thread before Christmas thinking I would use it then, but didn't, so I thought a HEART DOILY for Valentines or Weddings would be nice.  It's in the Wedding Collection section.  There are two rounds of hearts. 
I also added a HEART BOOKMARK in the Wedding Collection.  This might make a nice gift.  Also uses the Lustersheen thread (I had left over).
I also added a GRANNY SQUARE BOOKMARK.  This is so simple.  My aunt gave me some thread for Christmas and it was just two small balls of it, so I did a small square, which I'll post later, and with what was left over I made this bookmark.  I used two strands of thread together since it was so small, but any size thread will work with the size F hook will work.  This is under the Miscellaneous section.
New photos.  I took a better photo of the Bride Bear (in the Wedding Collection).  It looks much nicer.  I also took a new one of Deb's 15 Minute Towel Topper (in the Household Patterns sectin).  This towel is a nice one too.  I found a bunch that had angels on them and had to make them last year. 

January 16, 2002
I've added a new links page, CHARITY LINKS.  If you have a little extra time you might find something that interests you.  I like doing charities.  Not only do I get to help someone out, but I get a chance to improve my crocheting skills, use up left over yarn and feel good about myself.
I've added 3 new patterns.  One is DEBORAH'S SLIPPERS.  These are quick and easy to  make.  Since I'm done with gifts for now, I decided to make me something. They're under the wearables section.
I've added a BATH MITT.  I decided to make me something else, too.  This is under the Miscellaneous section.
I've also added a QUICK HAT.  This is so quick to make.  Perfect for charity work.  This one I didn't make for myself ;).

January 10, 2002
I added more patterns.  I took some photos this morning. 
I added an entire new section called WEDDING COLLECTION.  My aunts gave me a plastic canvas instruction leaflet for wedding items and I'm going to crochet a few of them instead of doing them in plastic canvas.  I've designed a COASTER, PLACEMAT, NAPKIN RING, CANDLE RING/HOLDER.  Those ideas came from the leaflet.  I've also made a BRIDAL SHAWL that just came to me.  And while looking through some bags I found a teddy bear I didn't do anything with for Christmas, so I made a BRIDE BEAR.  She is so cute.  The photo doesn't do her justice.  I'm going to try to take another one.
I've also thought I'd like to do more bear outfits.  I all ready bought another bear!  Now she needs a dress. 
Enjoy these patterns.

January 9, 2002
I finally am able to update my site!
However, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't take photos of most of the patterns I finished, so I only have one pattern added. COLOR BLOCK DISCHLOTH to the household pattern page.
I do have more links added.  There are several I'm sure you'll find useful.  One is to, which has photos (and even video) of stitches commonly used in crochet.  There is a link for easy cross stitch projects, if you're looking to add something special to an afghan or other crochet piece (it even has instructions on how to make your own cross stitch designs; I'll have to admit I didn't try it out myself).  There are also other links that I enjoy visiting, I thought I'd share.
I've also added to my tip, tricks, and techniques page.  I redid the one on weaving in ends.
I will have more new patterns later this week.  Stay tuned.


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