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2001 September

September 27, 2001

I've added 4 squares that are very easy and basic to do. I've also added another choker, a PURPLE FLOWER CHOKER. This one is simple and uses embroidery floss and a button (or your choice of decorative item).

Enjoy and happy crocheting!

September 20, 2001

I've added a RED WHITE AND BLUE SQUARE to the American Patterns. I thought if an afghan seemed like too much, this square could be made to cover a pillow, a lapgahn, donated to a charity that is collecting square or for exchanges.

September 18, 2001

I have a new pattern page AMERICAN PATTERNS. I have an AMERICA FLAG WALL HANGING and a RED, WHITE AND BLUE RIBBON PIN. Photos with both.
I will be adding more patterns soon.

September 10, 2001

I have added more photos. I have a photos for edgings and garland now. I also redid the pineapple doily photo and think it looks much better. Also the small kerchief photo is better, too. Browse through the site and crochet what you like.
I have also added to My Crocheting History, if you're interested.

Septebmer 7, 2001

I figured out how to use a digital camera! So there are photos of many more patterns.

There's a new pattern, PINEAPPLE DOILY with a photo to go with it.

One warning: I'm not a photographer and just learning how to use my camera. So the photographs aren't the best, but they will give you a better idea of the projects. Some photos didn't work out so I will have to retake them. I didn't even dare post them on here because everyone would be wondering what in the world the photo was.
Happy crocheting!

September 5, 2001

I added a bunch of new patterns, including a Lace Items section with several EDGINGS. I never made very many because they took longer then I wanted. So when someone posted in my Guestbook they wanted edgings, I decided to try a few.

I also have a CHRISTMAS STOCKING. This one is super simple with only single crochet and double crochet stitches and made in one piece. It looks more complicated because two colors of yarn are used throughout.

I added some household items, including a very easy 15 MINUTE DISHTOWEL TOPPER. I made several of these for Christmas last year. It's very economical because you take a dish towel and cut it in half and work on the cut end. It doesn't use very much yearn either.

There are some new items in the Miscellaneous section, too.

I will be adding photos as soon as I can.

September 4, 2001

I've added 3 new patterns. A CRO-HOOK EYE GLASSES CASE. This is the very basic pattern. It's my first attempt at using this type of hook and I made a simple square and thought, now what could I use this for? Looking at tons of crochet patterns I saw an glasses holder and thought, I need one of those for a Christmas gift and this will do perfectly!

I also added a LACY CHOKER that I made using LusterSheen arcylic yarn. I really like that yarn, as it looks like thread, but is thick enough for a larger hook and goes fast. I made a few doilies last year for Christmas out of it. Remember though it is an arcylic yarn, not cotton.

I also added HEIDI'S QUICK SLIPPERS. They work up quick with 2 strands of yarn and using only single crochet and double crochet stitches.


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