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2001 August

August 28, 2001

This morning I was looking for a clip for my hair, a certain color and couldn't find it in the pile. So I thought, why not a HAIR CLIP HOLDER. Tried a belt, too big, so I had the Christmas Garland that I made and thought this would work. It works out great for the smaller clips (not the tiny ones, although one in smaller yarn or thread might work). This can hang from any hook. It's in the Miscellaneous section.

August 27, 2001

I added a link to Smart Crochet (see my links page). There are free patterns there also. Jennie's Crochet and Handmade Crafts is a great site for those of you looking to buy some crochet and craft items. She has some wonderful projects. I also like to check out her web site to see what my crochet work is worth (I don't value it as much as I should..)

I also have a good link to my pattern for a YARN BOOKMARK that I made one day at lunch (yes it's that quick and easy). It's under Miscellaneous. It's a very easy, lacey open work type of bookmark. I love making these for gifts.

August 24, 2001

I know it's only been two days since I added patterns, but I had extra time on my hands and was able to add them.

I added two household items. The CD COASTER is easy enough to make, of course, and finally I covered up one of the CD's that I've been collecting to use for this type of project.
The CROCHETED CROSS STITCH POTHOLDER is something that just came about. I was playing around with stitches in the round and this is what I came up with. I had another idea when I started, then thought I'd do something else, neither worked, so I decided it would work as a potholder.
The KERCHIEF WITH PUFF STITCHES is something that is so popular right now I had to make another one, one that could fit me.
The GARLAND FOR CHRISTMAS is something I did last year and wrote down the pattern a few days ago when I wanted to put it in here. I made a lot last year and I think it turned out nice.

August 22, 2001

I've added some patterns. There's a SMALL KERCHEIF which will probably fit a child's head better then anyone elses. I've added five YARN SNOWFLAKES. I made some a few years ago, hung them up around my desk at work, and a lady there said she liked them because they looked fluffier then the thread, and they do. I've also added a YARN DOILY. I made some for home and I like them. I will add photos of these patterns as soon as I get the film in to be developed.

August 17, 2001

I have some more photos of my patterns. I also have some new patterns (without photos for now). The photos will come after the patterns are published on here because I need to develop the film onto a diskette and that takes time.

I will be adding more holiday items, as I like holidays and decorating for them. I also have ideas for other items, too. If you have any, let me know.


August 10, 2001

I added a SUMMER HAT and a WINTER HAT (have photos for both now).
The one for winter works up quick and easy with 2 strands of yarn. I made a bunch for charity last year with left over yarn I had around. Think about this pattern for your favorite charity. If you don't have one, there's always Hat for the Homeless which loves warm winter hats. I decided to add this one now so they can be made in between Christmas gifts or when you have a free hour (it probably won't even take that long to make) and want to crochet.
The other one is a summer hat pattern. This one will keep the sun out of your eyes with the brim on it.

August 7, 2001

I found another disk with photos and one had our Christmas tree and I zoomed in on some ROUND ORNANMENTS that I crocheted. The photo is with the pattern. It's kind of fuzzy, but you'll get an idea of what I did. I have the film ready to develop with photos for most of the crochet patterns here. It takes about a week to get a disk.

I have more patterns, just no time right now to type them up. They're handwritten right now. Then I type them up.

August 1, 2001

I have added several crochet patterns from my archives. I started creating simple patterns a few years ago and saved them to an old disk. I was able to open them (I was surprised) and transfer them to this web site of mine. I will need to redo them to add photos, except of the SCRAP YARN AFGAHN, which is put away. I think I'll wait to do the Q HOOK AFGHAN until winter, its too hot right now. The pins look like something I'd like to redo. I made a triangle shawl for the winter and need some pins to hold it on me.

I also have some new patterns that I will add later. Enjoy all that I have now! And let me know what you think of the patterns, in my guest book, forum or contact me via e-mail. Thanks!


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