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2001 December Newsletter

December 12, 2001
I'm not sure why, but some people have been having trouble getting to my patterns.  I've replied to those that have e-mailed me as to maybe why. 
There are over 100 patterns available here!
I counted them yesterday, I was just curious. 
I've added 7 pages to the Tips, Tricks and Techniques page.  I've added items that don't necessarily have to do with crochet, but you might find interesting. 
Take care and enjoy!

December 10, 2001
I haven't been able to update as I've been busy making Christmas presents.  But I have a few more patterns here now.  Several are gifts.
I made a CHRISTMAS STOCKING 2.  This one is real easy and can be made in no time.  I've done 3 all ready and I'm on the 4th.  They're going to be stuffed with small gifts.
I made a SMALL STOCKING that we hung as an ornament.  I wrote our dogs name on it. 
I have another ORNAMENT COVER IN YARN, this one's #5.  I enjoy making these because they're so quick.  You'll see I did 3 of them, one in red, one in white, one in green.  Any color could be used.
I have two wearables.
The fist is SHERI'S CHENILLE HAT.  She gave her other one to her neice.  This one is so nice, thick and fluffy.  I do have one word of warning, I made mine in black and it's hard to work with.  A medium color would be a good frist choice for this type of yarn. 
I also have a 5 MINUTE CHOKER.  It takes only about a minute to crochet, though.  But adding the decorative touch (button, etc.) and sewing on fasteners take some time.  This was for me.
If you've never made a doily or used Lustersheen yarn (a sports weight thread), I designed a FIRST DOILY.  It's really simple to make.  But looks great.
Enjoy these patterns and the holiday season!


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