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2002 April Newsletter


April 18, 2002

Neck Scarf

In Wearables section. This is a nice little scarf for those who want warmth around their neck but nothing too long.  Uses a small amount of yarn. Since it uses 2 strands of yarn, you could do any color combination you want.  You could also use a thicker yarn.  I used a mohair yarn and worsted weight yarn.

Lacy Mile a minute

In Squares and Strips section. Very lacy and pretty.  Can be made in any feminine color of choice.  Think of summer.  This can be made any length. 

Double V St Mile a Minute

In Squares and Strips section. Very easy.  Lacy.  Nice summer afghan can be made from these strips.  They can be made any length.  If you want to do it in white you could make a nice bedspread.

Cluster Corner Square

In Squares and Strips section. Very quick to make.   Uses a size K hook and worsted yarn.  Only 4 rounds.   Can be made in any color.  I thought maybe done in leftover yarn for a multi colored scrap yarn afghan.  Perhaps some quilt design would be nice.  Or all in one color.  Maybe stripes.  Your choice.

Simple 2 Strand Thread Doily

In Lace Items section.  Even though it's done with 2 strands of cotton thread, it's still very light.  This pattern is very simple. 


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