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2001 October

October 25, 2001
I've added several new patterns. 
An EASY BABY AFGHAN is in the Afghan patterns.  This is using one strand and a size K hook, which keeps the stitches loser and softer.  It only take 8 oz of the main color with a little constrasting color for the boarder.  Of course you could make it larger by using more yarn for the main color, but it works fine for a newborn.
I have another slipper pattern, CAROLINE'S SLIPPERS in wearables.  These work up really quickly and are one piece slippers.
Also in wearable is SHERI'S HAT.  A coworker saw my web site and wanted a winter hat.  I decided to use Homespun (she thought that sounded nice and it's machine wash/dry).  It works up soft and quick.  This yarn might be a good yarn for those slippers.
The HALLOWEEN CHOKER is easy and can be made in time for halloween or just remember it's here for next year.
I had a small amount of Lustersheen acrylic yarn left and made a MINI DOILY.  It's under Lace Items.
I like to crochet during my lunch, if possible, and was able to Friday and made a LUNCHTIME POTHOLDER.  As you can tell, I'm making a lot for Christmas gifts.
The last item is an EASY CAN COVER/COZY.  I wanted another one for work if I need it.  Plus I had a little bit of yarn left over.
With some more of that yarn, I made a QUICK ROUND COASTER.  Never can have too many of those.
I finished the Beginner's 2-Strand Afghan.  It will make a nice gift, I think.  There's no change to the pattern.  I'll leave the original photo up, as I like it.

October 18, 2001
I've added a bunch of patterns. 
If a crocheter hasn't worked with 2 strands of yarn before, the BEGINNERS 2-STRAND POTHOLDER is a perfect start.  It's only single crochet and very quick to do.
BEGINNER'S 2-STRAND AFGHAN is a simple afghan.  I put the photo up even though I'm not done, but it's hard to tell from the photo.  I plan on doing the edging in single crochet, so there won't be any changes to the instructions.  This is for a wedding gift.
DEBORAH'S 2-STRAND AFGHAN is my afghan that I made for myself.  I have scrap yarn afghans, but decided to make a real nice one for me.  For this one I used verigated yarn and a solid color.  I use it and it's so nice.
The YOUR CELL PHONE HOLDER is simple.  It can be made to fit any cell phone, even a friends.
The SNOOD is for more beginner/advanced crocheters, but not hard and takes very little time.
I also added more photos of our dogs, one of our female all grown up.
I've also added more links to crochet sites.
Enjoy these items!

October 11-16, 2001

I've changed my LINKS page. I finally figured out how to add the banners. Some I couldn't add, but will try later. You'll also find a globe that will link to back to page with other globes. I put on on my American Pattern's page which is beautiful, so I had to link back to her page. I don't have a banner for my page, I'll figure out how to do that one day.
I changed the date because I've been working on this for a while. I've even changed it once more. I like the new layout. This will allow me to add even more links as needed.


October 9, 2001

I've added several new patterns. My favorite is the CAMEO JEWELRY. I'm going to be making more, so I may have a new page for jewelry alone. I made a SIMPLE SQUARE POTHOLDER as I want to make more for Christmas gifts and this is one more added to my pile (not a very big pile currently). The BABY BIB I designed is easy enough to finish and add with an afghan (I have a baby afghan almost ready to publish, need to think of a boarder) for a gift.

That's all for right now. Enjoy.


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