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My Crocheting History

I started crocheting when I was about 8 and did some doilies during my teen age years with my mom. My mom and I would make up doily patterns, nothing real fancy, just double crochet, single crochet and chain stitches. My mom never learned how to read patterns because she had taught herself how to crochet and so she taught me.

Then I stopped crocheting for a while. I did some plastic canvas items, following patterns, including a complicated graph for a clock (with my name and the date on the back).  I also did other craft items.

Then I saw a friends mother crocheting a doily, I started up again. I decided to follow patterns and bought some magazines. My favorite patterns for doilies have always been the ones with diagrams. But I have crocheted from words and diagrams, just depends on the pattern.

I then made a ton of doilies. The majority of those went as gifts.

Later I started crocheting with yarn. The afghans I have given as gifts have mostly been with 2 strands of yarn and a large hook, since they're fast and they're warm (we can have cold winters here). I made an afghan for a wedding gift this way in only one weeks time (okay, I started it on a Saturday and worked on it a lot over the weekend). It was done the following Saturday. I have also done baby afghans with 2 strands of yarn, but have found I like using a large hook (size K) for these with one strand and find that it becomes soft.

I use all types of yarn and thread now. 

I love to crochet.  I should capitalize that word LOVE. I prefer to crochet then anything.  I still try other crafts, but always come back to crochet.  Maybe it brings back fond memories of crocheting with my mom.

I now design crochet pattern and have them on a website for free. Since I crochet so much I also sale original crochet items.  I also have tons of patterns, so I should be able to find something that someone would like me to crochet for them.  I do custom orders.  Let me know what youd like me to crochet and I'll see what I can do for you.