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These are samples of afghans that I can make.  Remember if you'd like something that you don't see here, you can contact me and I will see what I can do for you.

 Open work afghans are perfect for summer.  Looks great on any furniture. Crocheted in a variety of colors, multi colors, and stitches.
Open Work Adult Afghans 45x60 (#4060) $90.00 - 50x60 (#4061) $100.00 55x65 (#5062) $110.00 60x80 (#4063) $130.00     
Open Work Baby Afghans 30x30 (#4030) $25.00 - 35x35 (#4032) $30.00 - 40x40 (#4034) $35.00 -35x40 (#4036) $35.00 


 Made in strips (mile-a-minute) Choose your favorite colors (school colors are also great for this afghan).  Can be made in one color or each center of strip a different color or alternating colors.  Crocheted in yarn in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns (solids, thick, open stitches, etc.). Mile-a-Minute Strip Afghans 45x60 (#4070) $90.00 - 50x60 (#4071) $100.00 55x65 (#4072) $110.00   60x80 (#4073) $130.00        


Four Heart Square Afghan Nice, romantic summer afghan.  Made with worsted weight yarn (so some weight to it).  Very pretty.  Nice gift.  Takes time for me to make, give me enough time to make it if youre giving it as a gift.45x60 (#4080) $110.00 - 50x60 (#4081) $130.00 55x65 (#4082) $150.00   60x80 (#4083) $170.00       


 Thick Afghan. This one is quick and easy for me to make if made in one color.  Made with two strands of yarn for ultra warmth.  Choose color and size (will get it close to what you want).  I can choose a different pattern (or come up with one of my own) if you want something different or unique. 45x60 (#4060) $90.00 - 50x60 (#4061) $100.00 55x65 (#5062) $110.00 60x80 (#4063) $130.00          


Solid Afghan (#4000).  A basic afghan in a simple pattern.  45x60 (#4060) $90.00 - 50x60 (#4061) $100.00 55x65 (#5062) $110.00 60x80 (#4063) $130.00          

Basic Afghan 
No photo because I can make it in a variety of ways. One strand of yarn, crocheted in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns (solids, thick, open stitches, etc.). 45x60 (#4060) $90.00 - 50x60 (#4061) $100.00 55x65 (#5062) $110.00 60x80 (#4063) $130.00