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My White German Shepherds Continued
My White German Shephards

We currently have 2 adult dogs. Our male is named Dallas and our female, Liberty.


This is our adult male, Dallas when he was still young. His front legs look weird because our other dog was standing behind him. This was another dog we had before we got the female puppy (this female was old and had to be put to sleep). He weighs 92lbs now.
White German shepherds are rare, but they are around. There are also pure black ones and of course the black, tan and white ones.
The AKC does reconize the white German shepherds.


This is our female dog when she was a puppy. We have big containers of water for them, it's really nice in the summer. We didn't teach her to drink out of it like this, she learned it on her own (yes they are very smart).  She was watching our other dogs and wanted some and so she lifted herself up, put her paws on the edge of the bucket and put her mouth in and started drinking. 


Here's our female dog as of October 17, 2001 (sorry, I cropped it and it's a bit fuzzy).
Even though they're very smart, they do need training. We waited a bit too long on the male and it took a lot for me to train him. I worked with him 5 days a week (including the weekly dog training class). That was all I could handle! Now he's very well trained and listens to me.  I've also trained the female a few commands, although she has another trainer.