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My White German Shepherds Continued
My White German Shephards
My White German Shepherds Continued


Here's a photo of me holding our female when she was a puppy. Our male get's jealous very easy so he probably is pretending he doesn't even notice.
Our dogs are very head strong dogs, but with training they learn.
German shepherds can be raised in a house with kids and other animals.


Here's a close up of our male dog, Dallas.
Dog show guildelines for white German shepherds include the dark nose and mouth, brown eyes and brownish inner ears (the pink ones are acceptable but they prefer more brown).


Here's a photo of both the dogs together.  I cropped it so it's fuzzy and small.  I'll get a better one. 
Yes, they're kept in the back yard behind a fence (when not in the house, which is most of the time).